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Say pal, this brilliant script calls for Clueless Authority!

Our Spokesman

Our Spokesman

SteveMorris.net is delighted to have world-renowned film star Baxter McCambridge as our spokesperson. McCambridge shines brightly, even among Metro Goldwyn Mayer’s Galaxy of Stars!

Since his film debut, alongside Alan Swann and Spring Byington in “A Slight Case of Divorce,” “Bax” has dazzled audiences with his versatility—from comedies like “Regrets Only,” “Kissing for Beginners” and “Save a WAC For Me!” to turbulent dramas, including “Summer and the Moon” and “Mission at Midnight.”

Perhaps best known today for the “Johnny Diamond, PI” film series, Mr. McCambridge traces his thespian beginnings to his hometown of Grangeville, Idaho, where he discovered and developed his talents at Miss Dunphy’s School for Dramatic Arts.

A well-known product spokesperson, Baxter also endorses the Hudson Hornet, with its Unibody™ design, and Grantham’s “Iron-Loc” Epoxy.

As for his enthusiasm for Steve Morris, Baxter says, “ There’s no two ways about it—Steve Morris and his Clueless Authority are fun for the whole family. Hattie and the kids find him utterly charming. And, hey, that goes double for me!”